Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Under-eye bags and puffiness are common as we age. It’s that tired eyes look, no matter how much sleep we get. Fat that helps support the eyes can move below the lower eyelids, causing that distended appearance. Mild swelling, saggy and loose skin, and dark circles are common with eye bags.

While this condition can develop due to sleep issues, allergies, and lifestyle choices, most of the time it’s genetic. However, eye bags don’t have to be your reality.

Non-surgical solution for eye area ageing

The best way to treat bags is through non-surgical eye rejuvenation. These fat bags must be removed. Radio frequency destroys the fat with tiny, targeted insulated needles. This zaps the fat without damaging nearby tissue. While some cosmetic specialists aim to camouflage eye bags and discolouration with fillers, the best remedy is removal.

Transform your dark under-eye circles

Enjoy years of smooth, soft skin around your eyes. You don’t have to live with constant comments that ‘you look tired.’ There are solutions to fix that dark, purple-ish tone, the puffiness, the fluid build-up, and the fat.

Learn how Dr Holman can revitalise the area under your eyes, without undergoing invasive surgery. Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team. Non-surgical eye rejuvenation is an area of special interest, with Dr Holman’s comprehensive ophthalmology training and experience.

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