Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Filler

Puffiness, under-eye darkness and deep tear troughs are another part of ageing. The delicate eye area loses hydration, resulting in an always-tired look. The skull also changes with age, affecting the fat and cushioning around the eyes. The loss of padding and structural support makes the tear trough visible. Fillers return volume to this area, lifting the sag below the eyes.

Volume that makes your eyes pop

Tear trough fillers target the anatomical area under the eyes. These tiny injections are inserted in the upper cheek or directly into the tear trough. Ageing around the eyes is one of the most common concerns, for women and men. Dermal fillers are a minimally invasive, effective procedure to restore a smooth, clear appearance.

Refresh tired eyes with Dr Holman’s natural approach. With his training and experience in ophthalmology, Dr Holman’s area of special interest is in eye area rejuvenation. During your consultation, Dr Holman will explain the risks associated and what outcomes can be achieved. To achieve your desired results, there is generally a follow up appointment required to make any improvements if needed. The treatment will last as long as 18 months in most patients.

Protect your most unique feature

Enhance your overall appearance by targeting ageing around the eyes. Discolouration, uneven skin, and drooping can make you feel and appear older than you really are. Tear trough fillers are a non-surgical solution to these common ageing problems. Dr Holman takes a holistic, comprehensive approach to restoring your youthful glow. A boutique and private experience, feel confident sharing any aesthetic goal.

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss tear trough fillers. Erase under-eye bags and restore that youthful smoothness, without surgery.

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