Syringoma Treatment

Syringoma Treatment

Syringoma Treatment

Any bumps on the face cause anxiety, right? You constantly stress if people notice them, too. Syringomas, tiny benign tumours, form on the upper cheeks and lower eyelids. Although rare, these harmless growths can also occur on the chest, abdomen, or genitals. Visible bumps arise when the cells from sweat glands are overactive.

Don’t spend another day being self-conscious. And relax, treatment is simple.

Soft, even, luminous skin

Free yourself from clusters of your face and body, with a specialist radio frequency machine which is the premier treatment for syringoma. Our machine uses a special needle designed to target the benign tumours deep in the dermis, that’s insulated at the base to protect your epidermis. The needle is perfectly sized not to damage or burn the epidermis as it goes down, where it selectively destroys the syringoma.

It’s a permanent treatment for syringomas with minimal downtime, and you can expect little to no side effects. Like all of our procedures, this empowers the body’s natural healing response.

Cosmetic medicine, the natural way

Dr Matthew Holman’s area of special interest is in facial anatomy structure and function. He’s helped bring this innovative non-surgical skin treatment technology to Australia and has helped hundreds of people using this treatment.

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss syringoma treatment, your medical history, and aesthetic goals. Look in the mirror and see yourself, not these bumps.


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