PRP Facial Rejuvenation

PRP Facial Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your skin from the inside out, using your body’s own resources. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial rejuvenation defies the notion that cosmetic procedures aren’t natural. Some are. Most are that Dr Holman performs.

PRP facial rejuvenation is a treatment using your body’s own regenerative powers to improve skin quality, hydrate and brighten, and help postpone ageing.

Transforming the standard ‘facial’

This procedure is a multi-step approach. A small sample of blood is taken from you and run through a safe, sterile centrifuge process to separate it into individual components. The plasma (liquid portion of the blood) is infused with more platelets than normal, forming PRP.

These growth factors, combined with your own cells, are injected safely back into the skin -accelerating tissue regeneration, collagen and elastin production angiogenesis for a stunning complexion.

You are the secret to anti-ageing

What’s inside does count.

Marry regular PRP facial rejuvenation with a good skincare regime to enjoy a more youthful, lustrous glow. This procedure can be combined with other popular anti-ageing treatments such as Skin Boosters making it an effective addition to your PRP facial rejuvenation. It can be administered at the same time or separately, leaving the skin beautifully soft, supple and hydrated.

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clincs team to discuss PRP facial rejuvenation and your aesthetic goals. Cosmetic medicine, the natural way.

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Our mission is to reimagine ageing

Dr. Holman and the MH Clinics team look forward to offering all clients natural, cosmetic medical treatments for the changing face, body, and hair. This entwined with the luxurious intimate and private experience, will make you feel better and want to live more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a burgeoning treatment worldwide that is made using regenerative factors from your own body. Its creation is a multi-step process:

  • A small sample of blood is taken from the patient
  • The blood is run through a safe, sterile centrifuge process to separate it into its individual components
  • During this process the plasma, or liquid portion of the blood, is infused with more platelets than normal, forming PRP. In addition to clotting blood, these platelets contain several growth factors that can help potentially grow new skin cells and blood vessels.
  • The PRP is extracted from the rest of the sample and can be safely applied to the skin

Dr Holman directly injects the PRP to the correct layer of the skin. The growth factors can then begin stimulating the body’s healthy skin growth to help improve the look and feel of skin over time. Additionally, PRP can also potentially improve blood circulation beneath the skin, restoring a natural and more youthful glow.

Our PRP facials can also be performed in conjunction with skin boosters and radio frequency skin tightening. This option can be discussed during your consultation.

Men and women who are experiencing the loss of skin texture and a dull complexion in the face as a result of aging could be good candidates for this procedure. During your consultation, several factors will be considered when determining whether this treatment is right for you, such as your overall health, medical history, treatment expectations and aesthetic goals.

While a PRP facial can create subtle improvements over a period of time, visible signs of aging may recur. Receiving regular treatment and adopting a good skincare regimen can help add longevity to your results.

Contact Dr. Holman and our medical team today to schedule a consultation and discover how a PRP facial can potentially smooth the skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lines.

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