Nasal Base Filler

Nasal Base Filler

Facial bones shrink and soft tissues lose support with age. When this occurs at the base of the nose it results in a flattened midface, and often results in a beaked appearance of the nose. It is more noticeable from the side profile. Most anti- ageing solutions around the nose simply focus on reducing lines and the nasolabial fold.

A projected, fuller youthful appearance

Dr Holman targets the nasal base filler at a deeper level where volume loss has been caused by the aging process. With this advanced technique Dr Holman achieves an overall projection of the midface, the epitome of youth. This elevates the nose tip, restores a defined angle between the upper lip and the nose, and softens the nasolabial fold, resulting in a natural more youthful appearance. Filler’s restore the structural support of the midface, without changing the shape of the nose.

Look younger, without anyone knowing you’ve had work done.

Look good, from any angle

While non-surgical rhinoplasty changes your nose shape and a standard nasolabial fold treatment only treats lines, this procedure is about how Dr Holman utilises fillers. By putting them deep down into the nasal base, it doesn’t wear off fast.

Enjoy your stunning, youthful face for 18 months or more.

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss nasal base fillers. Love your profiles, front and side.

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