Lip Flip

Lip Flip

Getting your lips done is a popular anti-ageing procedure. To beautify a young pout or put volume back into aged lips, augmentation using dermal fillers is the best way to achieve it.

An alternative is the lip flip procedure, a quick and simple, no downtown option, to enhance your upper lip with anti-wrinkle injections.

Gorgeous, natural lips

The injections are inserted into the muscle just above the top lip, softening the squeeze and pull of that area. This everts the top lip, making it appear bigger in the vertical dimension. It shows more of the palpable part of the lip, without introducing volume.

The lip flip is an attractive treatment option to naturally improve the appearance, without changing the shape or size. With anti-wrinkle injections, the results last approximately three months, offering an enhancement to the top lip, without the use of dermal filler.

Subtly improve your top lip

Dr Holman strategically uses anti-wrinkle injections to relax the muscles and promote a more profound upper lip and gorgeous cupid’s brow. The lip flip is fast, less invasive than lip filler and with no downtime, thanks to Dr Holman’s capable hands. Experience how your whole face transforms when you naturally increase the look of your top lip.

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss the lip flip procedure. A naturally bigger top lip, a softer mouth area, without the lip filler.

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