LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Scarring and uneven skin tone can become more noticeable as you age. Don’t look in the mirror and regret a lifetime of enjoying the sun. With LED Light Therapy, look forward to that clear, like-summer glow, even after the first treatment.

Upgrade your state of self-care

A simple, non-invasive treatment, LED Light Therapy stimulates the body’s natural processes to heal and rejuvenate the skin. The facial of the future that ‘erases’ the past.We use a medical device that utilises LED technology, targets cells that respond to light and kickstarts synthesis and repair.

This treatment helps offset the slowing cellular response with age and years of UV exposure. This laser-free, light therapy is a relaxing, restorative, 20-minute ‘freshen up’ that’ll redefine what’s possible for your skin, at your age. Follow up the LED treatment with a clinical-grade restorative facemask for even more noticeable results.

A popular treatment in dermatology

As LED light therapy activates the body’s response to heal the skin, the effects aren’t short-lived. Experience a softening of fine lines and overall improvement in skin texture with ongoing treatments. Safe,painless and, used in dermatology and oncology for over 15 years.

Book a consultation with Dr Matthew Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss LED light therapy. Free yourself from any more ‘bad skin’ stories.

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Our mission is to reimagine ageing

Dr. Holman and the MH Clinics team look forward to offering all clients natural, cosmetic medical treatments for the changing face, body, and hair. This entwined with the luxurious intimate and private experience, will make you feel better and want to live more.

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