Hollow Temple Treatment

Hollow Temple Treatment

Volume loss in the face over the years causes a hollowing effect around the temples. Bone volume loss and the drop in collagen and elastin in the area promotes sunken temples. Dermal fillers fill in this angular appearance in the upper face, transforming you from gaunt to gorgeous.

A smooth, even upper face shape

Temple volume loss is part of the ageing process but can become more visible in people with a slim face. The indent varies in depth, worsening over time. Dermal fillers are a non-surgical, natural treatment to target this volume loss. It’s a popular procedure, given that hollowing is so hard to hide.

Dr Holman determines the dose of dermal fillers based on the progression of the hollowing, your face size and shape, and importantly, your aesthetic goals. The results last six months or more.

Rejuvenate your temples

While your focus is likely on keeping your eyes, forehead and mouth looking young, smoothening these temples indents will transform your appearance. Filling in sunken temples creates a more balanced, even youthful look and frames your face. Wear your hair up with confidence. Awaken a feeling of empowered calmness about ageing, with Dr Holman’s comprehensive natural approach to cosmetic medicine.

Refresh your appearance and love how you look, regardless of your age.

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