Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery

When hair regeneration efforts aren’t successful, hair transplant surgery is the ultimate solution. Baldness doesn’t have to be inevitable. Look towards a future of healthy hair. Maintain the part of your appearance that’ll keep you looking and feeling young for decades.

Hair transplant surgery isn’t what it used to be. Modern technology makes a full head of hair possible, without stitches, staples, or scars. Redefine your idea of a hair transplant.

The most advanced world-leading hair loss solution

The traditional hair transplant takes a strip from the scalp to use on the ‘donor’ site. This procedure requires (often painful) downtime and leads to visible scarring. It’s a physically and emotionally demanding surgery.

Dr Holman and the Medical Hair team use a less invasive, intricate technique, without a scalpel. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with NeoGraft®, the automated medical device, involves no cutting, stitching or obvious scar – only tiny dots that are hard to see, even with a buzzcut.

hair transplant surgery

The NeoGraft® system is an advanced method that harvests follicles from the back of the head and implants them into balding areas. It effectively removes follicles in naturally occurring groups of up to four hairs, for more visible regrowth in the areas you need it.

Non-threatening hair surgery, that works

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, with minimal discomfort. There can be slight tenderness and scabbing around the donor site, during the days following the hair transplant surgery – a normal stage of the healing process that soon subsides. You’ll be back to your normal work routine in a week or two. After three to four months of a natural growth cycle, expect a noticeably fuller head of hair which will continue to thicken for up to 18 months.

This life-changing technology has automated a comprehensive manual procedure. With unparalleled control, Dr Holman and his team draws on extensive experience to redefine what’s possible with people experiencing premature balding.

A lifetime of good hair

This procedure is a viable option for both men and women. It’s safe and effective for all hair types. With the NeoGraft® system, you can restore your hair, even if there’s not a lot at the back of your head.

Dr Holman has a special interest in hair transplant surgery, He’s a Key Opinion Leader and the Head Trainer for NeoGraft® Australia and New Zealand. With artistic precision and patience, he’s helped many people dramatically improve their confidence and quality of life.

It’s important to rule out underlying reasons for hair loss such as genetics, age, hormones, stress, and lifestyle choices. Dr Holman will discover the cause of your hair loss to help reduce, manage or prevent it. Love your hair again by having a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure using the NeoGraft® system. It’s safe and with a relatively pain-free, quick recovery. Look forward to new gains as you look in the mirror every day.

This is a medical procedure and with Dr Holman’s extensive surgical background, you are in capable hands with him performing this procedure. With any medical procedure, there is an initial consultation to understand your concerns. Pricing for Hair Transplant Surgery is determined by Dr Holman after assessing the extent of Hair transplant required and he has designed your bespoke treatment plan.

To learn more about your Hair Restoration options, visit The Medical Hair  Institute, for further information

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the Medical Hair team to discuss hair transplant surgery, in the most minimally invasive way. More of your hair only.

About Dr Matthew Holman

Dr Holman has extensive anatomical knowledge and medical training, and is an accomplished educator, innovator, and adviser in non-surgical Cosmetic procedures.

He is passionate about offering his patients the very latest in anti-aging Facial and Hair Rejuvenation treatments to meet their aesthetic goals. His clinics offer all patients a caring and insightful experience, in a luxurious private environment. Dr Holman aims to have all his patients feeling happy and more confident about themselves, as they go about their daily lives.

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Our mission is to reimagine ageing

Dr. Holman and the MH Clinics team look forward to offering all clients natural, cosmetic medical treatments for the changing face, body, and hair. This entwined with the luxurious intimate and private experience, will make you feel better and want to live more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NeoGraftis an automated device that allows Dr Holman to harvest and implant hair follicles, dramatically improving accuracy and speed -lending itself to Dr Holman’s capable hand. Traditional hair transplant surgeries use manual extraction instruments.

Minimally invasive, this solution harvests individual follicles from the back of the head (donor area) in the most natural, painless way. No scalpels, stitches or noticeable 1cm wide ‘strip’ scars. The Follicular-Unit Extraction procedure supports faster healing and minimal downtime.

Dr Holman is a cosmetic physician and surgeon with over 20 years of training and experience. This year, he was appointed as a Key Opinion leader and Head Trainer by NeoGrant Australia and New Zealand. Dr Holman is a leader in aesthetic medicine

The procedure itself usually takes one full day.

Most patients return to work in a week. After the procedure, expect the donor area to be slightly red and swollen. Even if you wear your hair short, you won’t have to worry about a scar ‘giving you away’ with the FUE procedure.

While every patient is different, most people experience a fuller, denser implantation area within four to six months. New healthy hair will grow without any signs that it’s been transplanted. The satisfaction rates are extremely high and the results are, for many, life changing.

If you’re conscious of other people knowing about the hair transplant, FUE is a great treatment, especially if you wear your hair short. FUE is suitable for both men and women. It can be a follow-up treatment to a prior ‘strip’ procedure or for anyone struggling with hair loss. The best way to determine if this is a viable solution for you is to book a consultation with Dr Holman.

No, you don’t. With the adequate length, Dr Holman will shave a small area, which will be covered by your existing hair.

The investment of the FUE hair transplant reflects the more intricate aspect of this procedure. However, in most cases, the pricing is similar for both treatment types.

For some individuals two sessions may be required to achieve the desired thickness. While NeoGraft is highly effective and long-lasting, it important for Dr Holman to determine the best course of treatment to help you enjoy a lifetime of good hair.

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