PRP Hair Regeneration

PRP Hair Regeneration

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections stimulate hair growth for both men and women to help restore fullness, using the body’s regenerative capabilities.

PRP is created from a small sample of your blood that’s separated in a centrifuge into individual components. The plasma is concentrated with platelets to create PRP, which is rich in natural growth factors from your own body. When applied to the scalp this creates the optimum environment for hair growth by stimulating healthy blood vessel growth which in turn increases the oxygen supply to the hair follicles critical for healthy hair growth. This procedure is performed by hand with a needle rather than by a roller so ensures all the plasma is delivered directly to the hair follicles affected.

PRP is the optimum way to promote maximum hair growth naturally for a healthy head of hair. The procedure is most effective with between three to six sessions–with the initial three sessions at two to four weekly intervals, and the remaining treatments two to six months afterwards.

You will be interested to know that not all PRP systems are the same,

Our system differs from others, we can extract 60mls of blood and retrieve 7ml of Platelet-rich Plasma, whereas most systems only take a small amount of blood ( around 5 to 10 ml ), which is not sufficient to generate decent quantities of platelet-rich plasma.

In other words yes they can produce plasma but it is not platelet-rich. The platelets are right at the bottom next to the red blood cells and at the top is watery plasma, which we discard to ensure we use only the Platelet-rich plasma.

It’s a process that takes both time and cost. It needs the right additives in the tube and the skill of Dr Holman or Nurse Rafaela to not damage the platelets.

It is a desirable option for those who either don’t want medical treatment or are looking for an adjunct to medical or surgical hair transplant.

Pricing for Hair Regeneration treatments starts at $690 per treatment depending if the treatment is performed by Dr Holman or Nurse Rafalea. This will be determined by Dr Holman after your initial consultation and he has designed your bespoke treatment plan.

Book a consultation with Dr Holman or Nurse Rafaela to discuss all hair regeneration procedures from initial consultation to medical management and PRP. In more complex cases where hair has already been lost, complete hair transplant surgery remains the definitive treatment option also offered by Dr Holmans as this is one of his particular special interest areas.

We know it is more than just about hair.

About Dr Matthew Holman

Dr Holman has extensive anatomical knowledge and medical training, and is an accomplished educator, innovator, and adviser in non-surgical Cosmetic procedures.

He is passionate about offering his patients the very latest in anti-aging Facial and Hair Rejuvenation treatments to meet their aesthetic goals. His clinics offer all patients a caring and insightful experience, in a luxurious private environment. Dr Holman aims to have all his patients feeling happy and more confident about themselves, as they go about their daily lives.

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Dr. Holman and the MH Clinics team look forward to offering all clients natural, cosmetic medical treatments for the changing face, body, and hair. This entwined with the luxurious intimate and private experience, will make you feel better and want to live more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Also known as platelet-rich plasma, PRP is utilized by several fields of medicine and is a treatment that can help regenerate cells and tissues by using your body’s natural resources. It is created from a small sample of the patient’s own blood that is spun through a centrifuge and separated into its individual components. The plasma, or liquid portion of the blood, is infused with more platelets than usual to create PRP.

Platelets, which generally aid in clotting the blood, also contain growth factors that can help in the healing and regenerative processes of the body. Doctor Holman also utilizes this substance for PRP facials, and this treatment can potentially be performed in conjunction with hair transplant surgery performed by our medical team for patients who qualify.

During this treatment, PRP is applied to areas of thinning or sparse hair, where it is absorbed into the scalp. Although there are no guarantees, PRP can potentially help the patient by promoting growth in newly transplanted or inactive hair follicles using the body’s natural regenerative properties.

Men and women who are experiencing premature hair loss, who are healthy and have no contraindicating medical conditions, and who are interested in hair regeneration treatment that utilizes the body’s natural healing response may be good candidates for this procedure. Your treatment options will be discussed with you during your consultation.

As PRP utilizes your body’s own resources, it is typically easily recognized and processed by the body with minimal to no side effects. During your consultation with Dr. Holman and our medical team, any safety information that may apply to you will be discussed. Prior to treatment, factors such as your health and medical history will be evaluated to help you determine if this treatment is right for you.

Contact Dr. Holman and our medical team today to schedule a consultation and find out how PRP hair regeneration treatments can potentially stimulate hair regrowth in areas of hair thinning and loss.

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