Frown lines

Frown lines

Frown lines, the vertical indents in-between or just above the eyebrows, increase with age. Just like crow’s feet ‘smile wrinkles’, frown lines become more prominent with an expressive face. Anger, frustration, and worry, for example.

These muscles are also used in deep focus and concentration. As a society glued to screens that command attention, frown lines are becoming more common. The good news? Injectables soften this etched line.

Targeted treatment for a relaxed look

Frown lines occur during the ageing process, as the muscles become overworked. There’s also a genetic component where patients are predisposed to frown lines. Non-surgical muscle relaxing injections smoothen, soften and flatten the deep wrinkle.

From subtle lines to visible indents, Dr Holman’s non-surgical, pain-free approach empowers you to reclaim your confidence, without fear. To reduce the look of frown lines, in a natural way that won’t demand you to take a week off.

Correcting every visible concern

Dr Holman will examine the lines, the placement, any eyelid sagging or associated problems, and the skin type. A consecutive treatment after three months will reinvigorate the area. Reclaim a more youthful appearance and awaken your confidence – without putting yourself through a demanding procedure.

Complementary Procedures

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss erasing the deep, etched line between your brows. A small, yet profound part of your face that you won’t have to try to cover anymore.

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