Forehead lines

Forehead lines

Facial muscles are activated daily constantly, without even realising it. The forehead muscles are one such group. Constant use over time causes lines and wrinkles, which become more pronounced with age as the skin loses elasticity.

Wrinkles are most common on the forehead, eye area, and around the mouth. Anti-wrinkle injections help flatten and soften the forehead – the most prominent part of your upper face.

Rejuvenate the forehead

Anti-wrinkle injections stop the nerve signals to the forehead muscles to prevent contraction. This allows the skin to relax and regenerate, smoothing and lessening wrinkles. This procedure consists of a few injections into the forehead. Dr Holman determines the number based on the depth of the lines and your aesthetic goals, after which, you can expect to see results within the first two weeks.

A relatively painless procedure, with minimal downtime, and the ability to go back to work straight away. Thanks to Dr Holman’s natural technique this will freshen up your look in no time.

No more forehead ripples

The forehead’s unique in that it produces long, horizontal lines. When the face is resting, it can look as if you have raised eyebrows. Dr Holman’s area of special interest is an anatomic and structural approach to reducing forehead lines. With an artist’s eye, he reduces upper face wrinkles without altering the eyebrow height.

Complementary Procedures

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss a treatment plan for forehead lines. Restore your youthful forehead, without looking like you’ve had ‘work’ done.

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