Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce Spots Treatment

Fordyce spots, while harmless, are detrimental to self-esteem. Partly for where they appear, partly because most people don’t know what they are. These small, slightly elevated spots are normal sebaceous glands in unusual locations, making them prominent – on the border of lips and in the genital area for men and women. The radio frequency treatment is a minimally invasive treatment that solves this cosmetic concern.

Fordyce spots, be gone!

Agnes uses micro-insulated needles to target and destroy the gland (the Fordyce spot), while protecting the surrounding tissue. It’s a short, effective treatment, given the gland is just below the surface. After a few straightforward sessions, you’ll be free of those visible spots. No discomfort, at most only a few days of redness that reduces every day.

This treatment is the most favourable because it’s targeted, non-surgical and leaves no scars. Come in for a treatment and then, continue with your day.

These are just sebaceous glands, after all

Fordyce spots are nothing more than sebaceous glands without hair follicles – producing oil that builds up and, unable to be released, swells into a small lump. It’s a natural process with up to 80% of Australians experiencing this… but this doesn’t mean you have to live with them.

An initial consultation with Dr Holman is required, where he will discuss your concerns and develop a treatment plan. It is common for there to be multiple treatments and depending on the number required, prices start at $880 a treatment.  We do offer virtual consults for your convenience if required.

Book a consultation with Dr Matthew Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss Fordyce spot treatment. Don’t let tiny spots rule your life.

About Dr Matthew Holman

Dr Holman has extensive anatomical knowledge and medical training, and is an accomplished educator, innovator, and adviser in non-surgical Cosmetic procedures.

He is passionate about offering his patients the very latest in anti-aging Facial and Hair Rejuvenation treatments to meet their aesthetic goals. His clinics offer all patients a caring and insightful experience, in a luxurious private environment. Dr Holman aims to have all his patients feeling happy and more confident about themselves, as they go about their daily lives.

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Dr. Holman and the MH Clinics team look forward to offering all clients natural, cosmetic medical treatments for the changing face, body, and hair. This entwined with the luxurious intimate and private experience, will make you feel better and want to live more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without the hair follicle, these glands can’t release the sebum that the body naturally produces. Hence, why it swells and forms a small lump. The sebaceous glands are responsible for the moisturising oils in your skin and hair.

No, these spots are not transmitted sexually. They’re simply glands without the ability to release oil. Fordyce granules aren’t infectious or dangerous.

While most people develop Fordyce spots during puberty, heat, humidity or friction can cause the onset of fordyce spots. These bumps usually appear in clusters and are more common in men than women, especially those with oily skin

There are various cosmetic remedies for Fordyce spots. Electrodesiccation, lasers, the micro-punch technique are the other traditional treatment options, however these treatments leave scars. Topical solutions are also common but it won’t remove the spots.Dr Holman pioneered the radio frequency method to effectively get rid of Fordyce spot.

Dr Holman uses radio frequency to destroy the Fordyce spots, while protecting the surrounding areas of tissue. Because the needles are micro insulated, this is a simple, low-risk procedure. It targets the gland that’s just below the surface, without damaging the skin and greatly reducing the risk of scarring.

It does require local anesthetic however this is just a small sting and doesn’t hurt. It’s non-surgical and there’s minimal downtime. You can continue on with your day, after your visit.

Radio frequency procedure is best delivered over a series of sessions. Dr Holman will determine your treatment plan during the consultation, as every patient has different requirements.

Dr Holman destroys the glands permanently, however in rare cases new spots may occur years later.

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