Downturned mouth

Downturned mouth

Over time, the sides of the mouth arch downwards, into a constantly ‘sad’ face. This is caused by a loss of structural bone support, aging skin and the normal function of the muscles in this area.

Understanding how all this works together means you can subtly influence the functional activity of this area.

A more youthful, natural smile

The muscles around your mouth are always in use when you’re talking, eating, and smiling. This, coupled with volume and facial structure loss that occurs with age, there’s simply not enough support. Small injections gently applied to the corners of the mouth, however, will intercept this process.

The tiny needles are placed on each side of the mouth and jawline. With a special focus on non-surgical lower facial sculpting, Dr Holman addresses the downturned mouth with the hand of an artist.

Lift your happy feature

In the initial consultation, Dr Holman will examine your face and mouth area, the severity of the downturn, the projection of the chin, degree of asymmetry, the genetic component, and discuss previous anti-wrinkle injection treatments.

Dermal fillers can also boost the results, supporting the mouth. Dr Holman will determine the best course of treatment based on the current downward pull and your aesthetic goals.

You’ll be back to work straight away, covered by a touch up of makeup. This is an effective, pain-free treatment with a natural lift to your smile that lasts up to four months.

Complementary procedures

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss the downturned mouth procedure. Age with a happy confidence.

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