Crows feet treatment

Crows feet treatment

Crow’s Feet ‘Smile wrinkles’ have a distinct charm. Lines around the eyes are natural when we smile. With age, however, these marks deepen and form crow’s feet. This part of the skin is delicate and thin, making wrinkles more profound.

It’s nice to know you can stop worrying about wrinkles when you smile.

Refresh your eyes (and smile)

Smiling or squinting, the loss of collagen and elastin that comes with ageing, and UV light exposure all contribute to the formation of crow’s feet. Anti-wrinkle injections are a non- surgical way to relax the muscles around the eyes and prevent contraction. Lines smooth and soften, restoring that youthful look. Dermal fillers can also replace lost volume and fill the wrinkles.

Dr Holman determines the most appropriate treatment during the initial consultation, based on your aesthetic goals and unique features. Please note, anti-wrinkle injections require a follow-up appointment in three to four months.

Medical training in eye surgery

Eye area rejuvenation is of particular passion and focus for Dr Holman, with his background in ophthalmology, he approaches all treatments around the eye area in a holistic manner. Anti- wrinkle injectables are a fast, pain-free, and natural way to reduce crow’s feet, maintaining how you look, while minimising the fine lines around your eyes.

With little to no side effects, you’ll be back to your normal routine the next day. Refresh your eye area without that ‘had work done’ look. Experience cosmetic medicine with Dr Holman’s anatomic and functional based approach.

Complementary procedures

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss crow’s feet solutions and how it can fit into an overall natural cosmetic treatment plan.

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