Chin Enhancement

Chin Enhancement

The chin is an important part of jawline definition. With age, the chin moves backwards, as the soft tissue weakens. With reduced structural support, the neck and jowls are compromised – giving off a look of having ‘no chin.’ Dermal fillers help project the chin, reclaiming a more youthful structure.

Non-surgical chin augmentation

Reclaim face proportion and a strong jawline, without surgery. Dermal fillers are a fast, effective, and natural treatment for chin enhancement. Dr Holman helps you achieve the perfect chin, with a procedure that doesn’t demand time off. The number of fillers is based on your current profile and aesthetic goals.

Dermal fillers improve chin size, length, projection, shape, symmetry, and skin tone. The most common issue Dr Holman sees is the recessive chin – with patients previously accepting it as ‘just the way my chin is.’

With an anatomic and structural approach, Dr Holman redefines the lower facial area.

Restructure your chin

This procedure is a suitable option if you want to improve the size or shape of your chin. Dr Holman’s experience in facial anatomy, structure and function helps to achieve the ultimate result.

Sometimes the result is best achieved over a few sessions. This, with the adjunct of anti wrinkle injections for the chin is the best way to achieve maximum projection, allowing the soft tissue time to relax and accommodate the filler. With all dermal fillers top ups are required anywhere from six months onwards. Transform your chin into one of your favourite features.

Complimentary Procedures

Book a consultation with Dr Holman and the MH Clinics team to discuss chin fillers for a younger, more beautiful lower face. Enhance your side profile, naturally.

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