Managing Fordyce Spots On Lips: Tips for Building Confidence

Managing Fordyce Spots On Lips: Tips for Building Confidence

Do you feel concerned about the presence of tiny bumps that are yellowish-white in colour on your lips? It is possible that these bumps are Fordyce spots, which is a skin condition that is both common and harmless. Fordyce spots on lips can cause self-consciousness and embarrassment, especially if they are prominent. Here we will provide tips and strategies for managing Fordyce spots on the lips and building confidence.

What are Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots, also known as Fordyce granules, are small, harmless, and painless bumps that can appear on the lips, as well as on other parts of the body, such as the genitals. These spots are sebaceous glands that don’t have an associated hair follicle so have no way for the gland to release its sebum which builds up in the gland resulting in white spots occurring on the lips. 

Fordyce Spots MH Clinics

Fordyce Spots On Lips

What causes Fordyce spots on Lips?

The exact cause of Fordyce spots is unknown, but they are the result of sebum build up in the sebaceous glands because they are unable to be released due to the absence of a hair follicle. This overproduction can cause the glands to become clogged, leading to the formation of spots on the lips. Fordyce spots are not contagious, and they are not a result of poor hygiene or an infection.

Managing Fordyce Spots On Lips

While Fordyce spots are harmless, they can cause self-consciousness and embarrassment. Here are some tips for managing Fordyce spots on the lips:

  • Avoid Picking or Squeezing: Picking or squeezing Fordyce spots can cause them to become inflamed and infected. It can also cause scarring and make them more noticeable. Avoid touching the lips or picking at the spots, and resist the urge to pop them.
  • Consider Medical Treatment: If Fordyce spots  are causing significant distress or discomfort, medical treatment may be an option. Treatments for Fordyce spots  can include cryotherapy, laser therapy, and topical retinoid creams all with limited results. Dr Holman treats lip Fordyce spots using specifically designed micro insulated radio frequency needles that penetrate the spot and destroy the gland. There is no impact on surrounding tissue and down time varies between individuals by typically between 2-5 days.   
  • Wear Lipstick or Lip Gloss: Wearing lipstick or lip gloss can help to conceal Fordyce spots and make them less noticeable, however this may further compound the problem by further blocking the pore 
  • Practise Good Oral Hygiene: Practising good oral hygiene can help to reduce the appearance of Fordyce spots on the lips. Brush and floss regularly, and use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria and prevent infections.
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to reduce the appearance of Fordyce spots on the lips. Eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest.
Fordyce Spots MH Clinics

Managing Fordyce Spots On Lips

Common Misconceptions About Fordyce Spots on Lips

There are several misconceptions about Fordyce spots on lips, and it is important to separate fact from fiction. Here are some of the most common misconceptions:

  • Fordyce spots are a sexually transmitted disease (STD): This is not true. Fordyce spots are a harmless skin condition and are not contagious.
  • Fordyce spots on lips are caused by poor hygiene: This is also not true. Fordyce spots are not caused by poor hygiene or a lack of cleanliness.
  • Fordyce spots can turn into cancer: This is a myth. Fordyce spots are a harmless skin condition and do not develop into cancer.

Tips for improving Confidence Over Fordyce Spots

While managing Fordyce spots on the lips is important, building confidence is also key. Here are some tips for building confidence:

  • Recognize the beauty in diversity: There is no one-size-fits-all definition of beauty. Celebrate the differences that make you unique and embrace your individuality.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others: Comparing yourself to others is a surefire way to undermine your self-confidence. Focus on your own strengths and accomplishments, and celebrate them. Reminding yourself of your strengths can help you build resilience and confidence.
  • Surround yourself with positive influences: Surrounding yourself with people who uplift and support you can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself. Seek out friends, family members, and mentors who encourage and believe in you.

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